With nearly two decades of expertise, we place skill, time and passion into our profession every single day, both in our  butchery and our products.

Butchery is something we’ve mastered – it’s more than a practice, it’s a craft.

We believe every piece of meat – whether it’s for a weeknight dinner or Sunday roast – deserves respect and must satisfy with every bite. That’s why we proudly serve only the finest, carefully sourced produce so quality can always sit at the top of your table.

Malloy’s Craft Butchery is a cut above the rest and our profession extends to every chop, joint, sausage and steak that’s all prepared in house, just for you.

Don’t compromise for dinner on your commute home

Whether you’re dining solo or feeding the family, eat well – even when time is tight. All our dishes-to-go are freshly prepared in house with the finest, locally sourced ingredients so there’s no compromise on quality or taste.

Helping you craft the perfect dining experience

We choose to work with the most renowned farmers from around the country because their produce is best in breed. Their livestock is consciously reared to ensure the best results – just for you.

From the traditional to the unusual, Malloy’s Craft Butchery shows you what meat should taste like.

Meet The Malloy’s Team

Mike Malloy
Director & Head Butcher

Ginny Thomas

Francesco Di Salvo
Assistant Manager

George Meacher

Gavin Firth
Head Chef, Foxtrot Kitchen

Rosie Sweet
Store Assistant

Will Shaw

Hannah Lucas
Administrative Assistant